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What is reclaimed wood?

Updated: Feb 16

Created By: Peroba Reclaimed

The use of reclaimed wood has become increasingly popular in recent years. But what exactly is reclaimed wood, and what are some of its uses?

Reclaimed wood refers to any wood that has been recycled or repurposed for use after its initial purpose has been fulfilled. Reclaimed wood planks can be sourced from various old buildings such as barns, factories, and other old wood structures. 

What are the advantages of using reclaimed wood?


Using reclaimed wood is an effective way to prevent carbon from being released into the atmosphere. Throughout its lifetime, wood stores carbon, and reclaimed wood continues storing that carbon when milled and reused for various projects. Instead of burning or disposing of wood, which releases carbon into the atmosphere, reusing allows wood to store the carbon for decades, contributing to a healthier environment.

Biophilic & Character 

Biophilic design principles are centered around biophilia, suggesting that humans are intrinsically inclined towards nature. Almost everyone would opt for a space with windows over one without or a room filled with greenery instead of plain, white walls. Reclaimed wood promotes good air quality and creates a peaceful environment with natural patterns and sound absorption.

Reclaimed wood usually has a weathered look and showcases a variety of natural color variations, including yellow, gray, brown, orange, and red tones. The wood aged over time is strong and durable since it grew naturally and had to compete for nutrients and sunlight. Additionally, the aging process brings out the color of the wood, making it even more beautiful.

Exclusive with History 

Reclaimed wood is a valuable resource in new building projects as it adds a sense of history and uniqueness that cannot be replicated. Specific regulations prohibit harvesting several species of trees, making reclaimed wood even more precious. Most old-growth wood is no longer available, which adds to its special value.

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David Kumaran
David Kumaran
Feb 06

Appreciate this post!

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